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The Resolutions

MY first day in this new year was started by something silly and guilty. I woke up late! Missing Shubuh made me sick and guilty. Even I usually do it mostly every morning. So it was kind of legitimation. LOL.


Happy New Year bro and sisters!! Wish all the best come true in this lovely year. Like the previous years, in the beginning of the year I usually write my resolution for the things I wish. But before we go to my 2010 resolutions, let’s have a look my resolutions in 2009.

1. Graduated in 2009: I did! I graduated in May 2009 with GPA 3,57. 😀

2. Affording my mom’s cost to make Hajj next year: Alhamdulillah! This was my ambition since I was kid. I successfully made it come true. Big thanx, God!

3. Joining in Pesta Blogger 2009: Hahaaayy.. this was the one I had been waiting for so long. And I eventually joined as well in the third Pesta Blogger held in Jakarta. It was awesome. Really. Continue reading “The Resolutions”