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PB Jogja: Care and Multiculturalism

HEY hey hey..  sorry for this late posting. Most of you guys probably had read some blogs contented this event’s review. Ya, The Pesta Blogger 2009 chapter Jogja!!

Well, it was about 3 months ago since the 5 Insan Berprestasi of Cah Andong were chosen (opooooo iki) to find out what idea and what kind of the concept of the Pesta Blogger is gonna be organized. And we finally decided that the multiculturalism and care as our two big ideas.

The multiculturalism was presented by performing some traditional dances from several provinces. Such as Saman dance, Cendrawasih Dance, Gejog lesung, Gambyong dance, and Dolo-dolo dance.

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Satu Prestasi Lagi

IYAK. Jadi kemaren saya ikut lecturing tentang antivirus Kaspersky di gedung GSP UGM. Ndak nanggung-nanggung sodara sodara, lecturing itu langsung disampaikan oleh founder antivirus nomor empat di dunia itu, Eugene Kaspersky.

Well, bersama rekan CA lainnya, kapasitas saya di sana adalah sebagai blogger, yang kebetulan disejajarkan dengan rekan-rekan media lainnya. Nah, pas sesi press conference, bertanyalah saya pada pemilik perusahaan asal Rusia itu.

“All u said in the lecture is about money. The virus producer creates the virus for earning money as well as the antivirus producer does. That’s what we call as industry, globalization, and bla bla bla.. that kind of stuffs…. Is there any possibility that Continue reading “Satu Prestasi Lagi”

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Jogja Blogger Party (update!)

– PESTA BLOGGER JOGJA 2009 @ Jogja National Museum –

Wanna know how Tikabanget looks like?

Who is Herman Saksono ?

What kind of blogger Antobilang is?

OR you guys wanna know how scary Ndoro Kakung, Mbilung, Iman Brotoseno and Paman Tyo?

Please come and join us at Jogja blogger party.

Just contact mas Alan (0274 923.9499) for registration and the complete information.

Dont miss it!!

See You Soooooooooooooooon!!!!