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Wonosobo Free Tour

IT was shocking me when I knew that we, cah andong, got invited to the launching event of Wonosobo blogger community. This was not my first time actually going to Wonosobo as I ever went there last year. Something made us-especially me excited- was accommodation fully provided for free. (banana dance).

The committee told us that, beside, the main point of the event was a launching event of Serayu Blogger Community (the official name of Wonosobo Blogger Community), most of the event was traveling around the town. Enjoying Wonosobo and all the beautiful views and interesting places offered. Then hey.. we five eventually decided to be a kind of delegation of CA and be a part of that event: me, Nico Wijaya, Alle, Gunawan, dan Iphan. Although on the second day, other four members also came: Paman Tyo, mas Iman Brotoseno, mas Zam, Chiw dan Sita.

Here we go….

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