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National Blogger Day

965799_10152870648670514_1149853440_oI’ve been blogging since June 2007 right after one of my best friends back home taught me how to create one. At first, alike most newbies, I didn’t even know what to write and what to tell. However, since I was studying communication science and has a lot of writing assignments, I basically just uploaded all those stuff on my blog, lol. To be honest, I was quite happy because many people came to my blog even just for the sake of copying my writings (about communication science). I’m happy to share and I don’t give a shit whether they’re gonna put my name on the reference list or not.

And today is the national day of blogger in Indonesia. And it’s already 7 years in total of my existence in Indonesia blogsphere. It’s not easy to maintain consistency to keep writing on regular basis. In early years, I used to update my blog at least once a week. Back then there was no twitter, no hype of facebook and bla bla bla. Visiting blogs used to kinda my favorite activity every night. Commenting and knowing the authors were such lovely enjoyment for me. Continue reading “National Blogger Day”

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Berlin, First Stop of Summer Trip


SO, finally I’ve got chance to compile pieces of my scandiplus trip stories last summer. During the trip, I shared everything on Path or Facebook due to its effectiveness and real-time. Obviously, no point to write such long story when you’re enjoying your moment, right? I call this trip as #ScandiPlus Trip: Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Estonia. This trip is another getaway with a light backpack (7 kg) to 11 cities within 7 countries. Don’t expect this post will tell a lot of stories. It’s just random puzzle.

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