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The Independence Day and the Videos

5736_102463423903_785263903_1950187_4385962_nFyuuuuh, guys… hows life??? Well, first of all, I say thank you to Nico for the flag hehe.. I just copied it from his FB account. :D.

Hmmm…. it’s hard to launch these videos below .. as what? ….  as I was not inside the video *blaming GoenRock*,…. well, i’ve just been a part of Kojakers at the moment. And this’s kind of the member’s participation to the ideas of bla bla bla of our independence day.. huehehe *dikeplak*

Whatever… this is how we, as a part of this nation, take a part and contribute – whatever it is – to this beloved country. Me, my self personally,  is really proud of this damn beautiful country…

No reason for not loving this multicultural country.. We’re really totally unique compared to other countries. And hey bro, our nationality and kind of this feeling are gonna be more and more once you get opportunity to stay for a couple times in overseas…. seriously… U’re gonna see the differences we have!!! Continue reading “The Independence Day and the Videos”