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Long Weekend in Bandung

WOW… What I’ve been planning since months ago eventually comes true. Yuppiii… having a long vacation in Bandung for three days was really…perfectly…completely awesome! Well, I recognize that this is like a kind of reward I give to what I did on my thesis lately…hehehehe.. Yeah.. this writing dedicated to Bimas and Mas Budi for accompanying  my days in the Kembang City. 🙂

Uhm…I finally arrived in Bandung on Friday morning while my friend, Bimas – Bandung blogger, the guy who should picked me up, was still enjoying his damn dreams. I gave him a call like more than thousands *lebay mode on* but no even an answer. He obviously made me sick by letting me alone like a lost boy in the jungle without anything I know. I used the time for looking around areas near to the station. Then after like mostly 2 hours, he gave me a call then immediately took me his home.  *Finally..fyuuuuh…* Continue reading “Long Weekend in Bandung”

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[Hiatus…] for Gaining My Future, Wish Me Luck…

I DON’T KNOW after almost 5 years living in Jogja what next to do if I have to leave it.

At the moment, at least 9 of 60 friends in my department had graduated. I know it is still less than 50%. But still, it sometime hurts me…hiks hiks..

Now, I have to graduate soon. I know it is hard to do my research if I work at an online media which forces me sit down all day on the chair…

But yeah… I HAVE TO DO IT…

It has been a year, I’ve been doing nothing with the thesis… I feel guilty sometime… but No,,, i intentionally feel fine and make what I’m doing in the office and what i experienced in Australia as my achievements before graduating. Is it a kind of apology? I don’t know,,, And last night my friend said to me if I always make what I’m doing at the moment as my achievement, it will never end.. Continue reading “[Hiatus…] for Gaining My Future, Wish Me Luck…”