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Bad Night

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One message delivered on my cellphone last night. O, it was my sister in Indonesia. “Bisa telepon balik?Cek ada perlu.” And then I was thinking, it must be a big problem. She never sent the message like that before.

And yeah… I had to go out for public phone which was not far from my apartment. Last night was really really cold. After an hour i was talking with her.. it was like… you know…the world was like broken. I had no idea what to do then. The news was really bad…

Oh God!! What should i do for helping my family. What should i do for making them happy!!

And then I just slept because of that sadness.


He calls himself a simple social butterfly as he frequently engages in social media such as blogs and micro blogging. Indonesian living in Singapore.

One thought on “Bad Night

  1. innallaha ma’ashobiriin, kie… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Allah selalu tau apa2 yang terbaik buat hambaNya.. selalu ada hikmah dibalik semuanya…

    and always remember this :
    fainnama’al ‘usri yusro
    innama’al ‘usri yusro..


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