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Happy Father’s Day

TALKING about Father’s Day, it’s just too emotional for me. We didn’t talk a lot as He has 9 kids. He never congratulated me when I was consistently placed in the 1st ranked at school, whereas other kids got new bike when they were only 10th ranked. It took hours for me to ask some money for books and stuff. Hence it drove me to make money on my own since I was 9. Both of us just never express love to each other. It’s just different… We even didn’t have picture together. And all of the sudden He passed away when he was 73 and I was 16.
Things happened for a reason. And I do believe he’s now happy in a better place out there. Allahhummaghfir lahu warhamhu wa’aafihi wa’fu anhu.
Happy Father’s Day!
Amsterdam, Autumn 2014
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It’s Priceless to be with your Mom

1236487_10151838353403399_2123023921_nHAVE you found out what the best feeling is in your entire life? For me, YES it’s definitely something that makes my mom happy! There it is .. Having such a small family trip a few weeks ago was just incredibly awesome for me.  I took my mom along with one of my sisters to have such a small family trip in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. This is my very first time ever after having a lot of solo trips in my entire life. It’s just dramatically awesome knowing the fact that being together with your beloved family is just priceless.

As you’re aware, I have been away from home right after I graduated from high school. Living in Jogja alone for 7 years and then straight away continue living a life in Jakarta for the last 2,5 years is just adventurous for me.  This is tough… but the life must go on, honey.

Anyways, at first, we’re supposedly to have this trip in June. I already arranged everything: accommodation and air ticket both for my mom and my sister. Everything  was well organized and prepared. However, since I got invited to go to the US for the whole 2 weeks, I regretfully postponed the trip in September.

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