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It’s Priceless to be with your Mom

1236487_10151838353403399_2123023921_nHAVE you found out what the best feeling is in your entire life? For me, YES it’s definitely something that makes my mom happy! There it is .. Having such a small family trip a few weeks ago was just incredibly awesome for me.  I took my mom along with one of my sisters to have such a small family trip in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. This is my very first time ever after having a lot of solo trips in my entire life. It’s just dramatically awesome knowing the fact that being together with your beloved family is just priceless.

As you’re aware, I have been away from home right after I graduated from high school. Living in Jogja alone for 7 years and then straight away continue living a life in Jakarta for the last 2,5 years is just adventurous for me.  This is tough… but the life must go on, honey.

Anyways, at first, we’re supposedly to have this trip in June. I already arranged everything: accommodation and air ticket both for my mom and my sister. Everything  was well organized and prepared. However, since I got invited to go to the US for the whole 2 weeks, I regretfully postponed the trip in September.

First overseas trip

For about 2 hours, Air Asia had my mom and my sister flew from Palembang to KL with no drama. Things that I initially really worried about was that the fact that there are many Indonesian women domestic workers in the KL airport. I really worried that they might get trouble at the immigration gate due to that was my sister and mom’s first overseas trip. Why should I worry? Because I wasn’t with them since I flew straight away from Jakarta instead of Palembang. And thanks God, amazingly, they successfully passed the immigration with no drama at all. 😀 First night was spent at Awank and Niken‘s house, Palembang bloggers who are currently staying in Malaysia. We had chances to stay overnight at their very warmed house.

Awank’s House

Lucky us, Awank took us around on the first day. Our first destination is Putra Jaya which was also very close to his house. We really enjoyed the ambience and found that there were many international tourists around. Then the trip was continued to the second destination: KLCC Tower or Petronas Tower. In this area, we also visited Aquaria where we could see a lot of sea biota.


Masjid Merah, Putra Jaya
KLCC Tower and Aquaria

Taxi in KL sucked!

ONCE we finished our first day  tour, we then moved to apartment to stay overnight by taxi. SERIOUSLY I was warned by Awank that the taxi issue is KL was one of the most annoying issues that a lot of tourists complained about. We should take a cab due to we totally didn’t know where the apartment was. Moreover, it was raining, so we really had no options. Once we were in taxi, i just right away proved what Awank said: the taxi driver was just totally impolite and very rude. They treated us like shit, man! I almost punched him and it was just so stupid being in that taxi.

The only reason why we chose taxi was just because it was raining and we got clueless where exactly the apartment was. But then again, when we were in, the driver kept asking where to go. That was really hilarious while we were also relying on him and the GPS didn’t really work either. Anyway, after a while  and had stupid argue, then we finally arrived at the Bukit Ceylon apartment which was really close to Bukit Bintang. That was my first experience with AirBNB: a worldwide digital platform for apartment/house rent and I found thing went quiet well and fun except the taxi thing. The room looked clean and all facilities worked well.

AirBNB: Bukit Ceylon Apartment
Night View from the Apartment

The Show Must Go on. We visited Genting Highland on the second day. Something amazed me was that the road access to the highland was amazingly well built! The road width is really well planned… the only reason that attracted me to go there was the amazing Cable Car! It was just sooooo long way! We kept praying inside and hoped nothing bad happened.

Cable Car
KL Sentral / Genting

We also had chance to stop by and pray ashar at Masjid Jamek that was close to Central Market (Pasar Seni).

Jamek Mosque
Central Market / Pasar Seni

So yes… our 3-night of togetherness should be finally over. On Tuesday night, I had to drop my mom and sister to the airport, right before I continue my solo trip to Penang Island. Just wait for the next story, buddies!



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19 thoughts on “It’s Priceless to be with your Mom

  1. It’s a joy for a child to make his/her parents happy with these kind of family trip. Idem, semoga bisa selalu bahagiain keluarga yah 🙂

    Btw ada typo dikit Fick *maap ya ngebenerin*
    I mostly punched him – maksudnya ‘almost punched him’ kali ya?
    The Show Must Goon. – kurang spasi “go on” hehe..

  2. Taksi di KL emang rese, pik. Gak mau meteran. Susah nyari yang bener. Btw itu tongsis udah almarhum ya? Masih dipajang aja. 😛

    Anyway bawa jalan-jalan keluarga kan udah pernah, gantian bawa temen dong pik. *kedip kedip najis*

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