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Going to Australia

I NEVER imagine that Australia is the country where I got scholarship from. I actually got the other one in Poland in 2006. But i couldn’t go there because in the year, there was an earthquake in Jogja. I didn’t do any preparation or anything for my departure. What i was doing at that time was like,,, yeah i was one of the victims; trying to save my self then doing like trauma healing or that kind of stuffs…. still worrying what was going to happen then. The shake was still going on or not,,, i didn’t know. So, the chance for going to Poland went away…

And today reminds me what happened on February 6 last year. Yeah, I went to Australia Capital Territory, Canberra as one of participants of The Peace Scholarships Program 2008. In that program, i studied at University of Canberra for 6 months. Besides, i also involved in The Starlight Foundation which concerned on disable children. As the Peace Scholar, i proudly represented Indonesian student in this program . We could share many things Continue reading “Going to Australia”