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Going to Australia

I NEVER imagine that Australia is the country where I got scholarship from. I actually got the other one in Poland in 2006. But i couldn’t go there because in the year, there was an earthquake in Jogja. I didn’t do any preparation or anything for my departure. What i was doing at that time was like,,, yeah i was one of the victims; trying to save my self then doing like trauma healing or that kind of stuffs…. still worrying what was going to happen then. The shake was still going on or not,,, i didn’t know. So, the chance for going to Poland went away…

And today reminds me what happened on February 6 last year. Yeah, I went to Australia Capital Territory, Canberra as one of participants of The Peace Scholarships Program 2008. In that program, i studied at University of Canberra for 6 months. Besides, i also involved in The Starlight Foundation which concerned on disable children. As the Peace Scholar, iΒ proudly represented Indonesian student in this program .Β We could share many things such as cultures, languages,Β and values: Chile, US, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi arabia, Iran, Aussie, and Switzerland.

Yeah, so many memories there… Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, and Wollonggong…. PPIA ANU, PPIA UC (UCICIS), ATO,….. really wanna go there the end of this year.


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35 thoughts on “Going to Australia

  1. I don’t doubt your qualities, dear fick. I just wonder, which kind of qualities become the main scholarship comittee’s consideration? GPA? Social services? Essay? Or…what? I really really want to knoooow, but I kind of underestimate myself 😦

  2. @lia
    yes…those u mentioned are true….all those things are needed…
    IELTS score, essay, and rhe most important thing is motivation letter…what are u gonna do there????

    heeh..gak e mbk..but yeah was awesome anyway..iyah bener..pengen S2 di Swedia ato Canada.

    ah kang achoey bisa aja mengungkap fakta..gyaaaaaaaaaaahhahaha..

    bener bagt sob….paling gak enak pake doku ndiri..huehehe….

  3. @achmadzakki
    gw mau juga ki ke US…mmmmmm…tp buat jalan2 aja.hehe…klo kul mending di Kanada.

    payo gancang berenggut men nak mekod.. gyahahahhaha,,,,plembang nian..

    itu pengakuan bhw mang victor homok? wkwkkwkk

    tengs yan.. (cozy)

    @agunk agriza
    aminnnnnnnnn….tak doaken…tapi banyak kok program buat anak SMA..hhehehhe.

  4. @iphan
    (rofl) kuliah di mana sih kamu? di kampus yg dosennya narsis itu? ato di kampus yg dosennya ngomongnya muter2 itu?,……huahahhaha..

    (DOH)..ho oh e wi…klik aja tautannya.

  5. @pleseter (wah..ikutan bunda menik :p)
    wah klao gitu walopun ntar ikie dpt beasiswa ke sana..boleh dong numpang..wkwkwkk

    @bunda menik
    iya bun….asyik bgt….ya alhamdulillah, patut disyukuri dan dibagi buat motivasi orang lain je.. πŸ™‚

  6. @itikkecil
    amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn huehehehehhehehe….

    @mas gun
    wah..dilarang numpak pesawat no..wkkw…nek boneka e ono neng kos neng jogja..(woot)

  7. @rahmadisrijanto
    iri adalah awal di mana saya melangkah mas..cieeee…gaya bgt bahasaku ..wkwkk
    karena temen2 saya juga mengalami hal sama..

    ora je mas..wah mas ki ora moco sampe selesai to..heheheh..

    what? Chika? ouw.. *ngucek ngucek mata, nabok2 pipi*

    wah syukuran aku bar iki..wkwkwk :p *exciting anyway, thx 4 coming*

  8. Ya walaupun Australia tetangga gue, gue lum pernah kesana euy, hahahaha…
    Gak terlalu mahal sih kalo tiket kesana dari t4 gue, tapi gak ada temen aja disana, hahahah….
    Nginap di hotel duitnya sapa ntar, wkekekekekke…
    Eh, kok lo yang paling kecil yah..?? Ahuahahahahahhauhaha…

  9. @budiernanto
    hehe…coba aja mas… asal konsisten

    iya je…gak semua bule itu tinggi2 loh..

    udah..ketemu di PB 2009 aja….wkwk…
    padahal ongkos Jayapura-Jakarta mungkin gak jauh beda dg Jayapura-Sydney ya Zip…. huehehhel,,

  10. KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII… gue juga kemaren mengenang setaun yang lalu… kalau lo tanggal 6, gue tanggal 7 nya. syedih, tapi seneng juga. new adventure has begun for all of us! πŸ™‚ miss you!

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