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Last weekend of Togetherness of Four Nations

Thursday, 29 May 08

After last week watching “What Happen in Vegas” in Dendi Cinema in Civic, we went to the same Cinema for watching “Indiana Jones”. Me (absolutely Indo), Aimal (Afghan), Mary (Iranian), Timothee (Switzerland), and Genia (Indo) were like a big family watched together and were like…the cinema was belong to us only..because only us were laughing or chatting loudly inside the cinema. (actually it was not really loud..only Mary..hahaha..). 

Mary and me were like..really bored . We didn’t enjoy the movie, it was really bad choice…hoho..who choose this movie??!!! must be Aimal..haha..the oldest bro..Mary was was better for me to work than stay there and forced my self to watch this stupid movie..hahaha… 

Anyway, it was really nice..we were together in the last time..coz Tim will be back to Swiss soon next week. So, this week is our last week. We’ll miss you Tim!! wish u’ll be a good doctor there, and then we’ll come to you for checking up our health for free..hahahaha…specially on our eyes!! 😛


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