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The Last Day of Timo

Saturday, May 31, 2008

We had farewel party on Sat, at Ginindera Lake, Belconnen. Actually it was like special farewell party for EAP -PPP Class, but i just went there bcoz of Timo. Even though i’m not his classmate, but i knew most of those students. hoho….there was barbeque and we took some pictures and videos. Oh yeah, Mary was not there, coz she went to Sydney with her family (coz Sam would marry a least that was what i knew.. :p ).

I just knew Aimal, Genia, Mini, Timo, Chenchen, Hana, Isyad, and Eran…but others, i just knew their face..hahaha…Anyway, i was like photographer on the day..and even director for photo models. I also gave Tim a handicraft from Joga, and absolutely my business card..hahaha…i was like celebrity like yesterday with my classmate.

Afterward, we went playing basketball… was great, because it was too long that i didn’t exercise…yeah you know…it was difficult coz my weekdays were spent for studying and working. and my weekends were also spent for gathering and sometime discussing..ugh ugh…

When the game was still going on..i went to pray Maghrib. I just prayed on the grass after taking water for wudhu’. (it’s hard to look for special place for praying..not like in Indo..hehe).

About 6 pm, I and Timo went home by Bus 300. But it would take long time for waiting for he next bus of Tim’s. So, I and Timo went to my apartement. I was burning CD blank for copying some pictures of farewell and give it to him. After 30 minutes, Timo went home for catching his bus…Bye Tim!! Wished u luck and had a great trip to Melbourne and Sydney before coming back to Swiss, i promised i’ll go to Europe one time.:-)  


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