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The Last Couple Days in Canberra

July 29, 2008

Well, when I wrote this article I’ve just woken up on my friend’s bed at Pondok Gede, Cibubur, Jakarta.*Indonesiaaaaa I’m comiiiiiiiiiiiinggggggggggg.!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Then I am not gonna write how nice my trip from Canberra-Sydney-Jakarta was (I’ll tell you then in bahasa Indonesia in order to make it more impressive and horror), but I’ll write about all of my last activities which I did before I leaved Canberra yesterday (hiks hiks…:( ).

Firstly, close my bank account: Wait, I didn’t do it. Something easy which I’ll do is asking my friend to close the bank account whenever and wherever I want to. Well, it’s good idea, because I can save dollars…hehehe. Then, if I want to withdraw my money, it will convert to Rupiah automatically in ATM which has a particular sign. I didn’t send all of the money to my Indonesia bank account cuz I’m still waiting for my tax refund. Anyway, I’ll ask my friend to do that on September, I guess.

Secondly, celebration of our Independence Day: It was something waited annually by Indonesian people in Canberra. Indonesian Embassy cooperated with PPIA ACT held many kinds of competition such as makan kerupuk, tarik tambang, lomba lari, tennis, badminton, chest, gaple, and etc. I joined makan kerupuk… was my first time since I was under 10. Fortunately, nothing happened with my teeth. I couldn’t imagine if the braches put off and bleed. Anyway, I perfectly lost.

Lastly, had a cup of coffee at Guru Coffee, Civic, with my lovely classmate. My Japanese friend Emi, and Yuki, my Arabian friends Alaa and Najla, and my Vietnamese friend Lee, and my Chinese friends Mark, Annie, and Maggie, and definitely I went there and had a lot of fun. We shared a lot of old stories when we were in the class, taking some pictures, videos, and fun. Ugh, it was so sad… 6-months is not short time and we really enjoyed the class. Before I leaved, Emi gave me a video compact disc which contained our last dance in farewell party: Dancing in the street. Wow, lovely :).


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