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Get Interview


Today i’m gonna get interview regarding my plan to work at one of online newspaper in Jogja. Actually it’s not online newspaper, but a bit like web portal: ****

if i get the job, i dunno what i should do with my thesis, wallahua’lam…hehehe 😛

wish me luck guys!!!!

Bismillah 🙂


He calls himself a simple social butterfly as he frequently engages in social media such as blogs and micro blogging. Indonesian living in Singapore.

4 thoughts on “Get Interview

  1. hobby qt sama niyh…tp gw ga segokil lo ama raditya dika….hahahaha…oh iya gw udh baca crita lo knapa lo ga masukin sedikit crita hidup pribadi lo ama percintaan lo jadi lebih bewarna,nano2 lahhh…

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