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Final Thesis

Finally, i got it yesterday. After reading several books and exploring various topics regarding my plan to write thesis, i finally got the title.

Actually, i’ve already submitted my topic on August 2007 entitled “Communication strategies of NGO American Friend Service Committee in Delivering Peace Values to Jogja Society.” was a year ago. Yeah, for 6 months (August-Dec 2007) i did nothing for that title. I lost my feeling to write, while i was working as part time Tour Leader at one of Travel Agent in Jogja. So i went around Bali, Jogja, Jakarta, and surrounds for the second semester last year. I definitely got the joy and money.

Then, after that, i got the scholarship for studying overseas in Canberra, Australia for 6 months as well (Feb-July 2008). Perfectly, I haven’t been studying for 1 year. Hahaha… it was awesome!!! 😛

Now I have to start again. I have to collect much energy to begin writing the thesis. It is the third title. Actually i have many choices, but yeah.. i loss my idealism to write the best thing i can. C’mon guys…now is my fifth year..haha… thus, i’m now pragmatist as student. I will write anything which can encourage me to graduate as soon as possible.

Now, I’m going to write about Public Relations Activities in Fund raising at Non-Government Organization. It’s such a case study. Huh…. wish me luck guys!!! 🙂



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