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Fun Day

Today is the third day I’ve been celebrating Idul Fitri in Jogja. Initially, I could not believe that i could get through the day alone. Cooking by myself, watching, and whatever. Shadow of Yogyakarta on lebaran day which sounded horrible was not entirely correct. Indeed, centers are visited by many people. And I’m one of them :).

Yesterday, i went to Malioboro mall and the surrounding. Got city walking, shoping, and enjoying Jogja at night were really fun. It was not sad story if we do something alone. But i’ve been doing that since long time ago. I mean i usually do everything like watching movie, going to shop, or whatever alone. Because i don’t wanna make other feeling uncomfortable by let them waiting for me for long time just for buying one t-shirt. Hahaha… , it sounds weird but yeah, i have difficulty in choosing t-shirt or something. Even in the restaurant, if you guys offer me more than one type of food or something, it will take longer time for me to choose :p. Hahaha..

Then today, i recently returned from Amplaz. It is the biggest mall in Jogja which is comfortable place in a normal day. But yeah…at the moment the mall is full of visitors. They might be comers from out side jogja who come for holiday only. By the way, ticket of Laskar Pelangi the Movie is still sold out till now. And u still need booking if you wanna watch it.

I had dinner with my friend who i knew by chatting on YM. We had dinner at Mie Menteng Amplaz and I ate Bakmi Ayam Sosis and Fresh Tea. was really yummy!! Perfect!! O yeah, when i wanted to go home and gave parking ticket to parking guard, i made a mistake by giving him shopping invoice, not the parking ticket. Hahaha, was stupid….gegegeeg…  Well, that is enough for today. And tomorrow i’m gonna go to Water World in Solo. See you guyssssssssss 🙂



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9 thoughts on “Fun Day

  1. belanja lama>>> pegawainya obrak-abrik gudang dulu buat nyari ukuran 😀
    Tukang parkirnya pusing tuh keracunan CO2, dikasi daun aja nerima kalii

  2. @indah
    huahahaa..kok ngerti nda?? resiko body imut sih..hehe
    iya..gak kebayang jd tukang parkir, apalgi kl parkirannya basement..huiii

    tengkyu…. :p

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