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PB Jogja: Care and Multiculturalism

HEY hey hey..  sorry for this late posting. Most of you guys probably had read some blogs contented this event’s review. Ya, The Pesta Blogger 2009 chapter Jogja!!

Well, it was about 3 months ago since the 5 Insan Berprestasi of Cah Andong were chosen (opooooo iki) to find out what idea and what kind of the concept of the Pesta Blogger is gonna be organized. And we finally decided that the multiculturalism and care as our two big ideas.

The multiculturalism was presented by performing some traditional dances from several provinces. Such as Saman dance, Cendrawasih Dance, Gejog lesung, Gambyong dance, and Dolo-dolo dance.


Saman dance from Aceh (pic source here)

Cendrawasih dance from Bali ( pic source here)

Gambyong dance from Middle Java (pic source here)


Dolo-Dolo dance from Nusa Tenggara ( pic source here)

Not only dances, batik as one of the world heritage was also presented by displaying several hand-made batik at one side of the venue of the event. Moreover, the invitations could also experience how membatik by themselves. And for those whose batik creation was chosen as the best creation, they would get a handmade-batik for free.

The invitations could paint by themselves directly (pic souce here)

While, as our care for children in Jogja, we also gave some books to the village library in some areas in Jogja such as Mantrijeron’s library and some schools in Jogja.

Furthermore, the event held at that Jogja National Museum was attended by many invitations and bloggers as well. The US Embassy repesentative, Yahoo! Southeast Asia, Qualcomm, Enda Nasution, Ndorokakung, and off course the PB chairman mas Iman Brotoseno.

In the end of the event, each of those invitations is given a manggo seed as a souvenir. And, the blogger should update the manggo seed by writing or just posting some pictures of the seed on the blog


the manggo seeds (pic source here)

Overall, the event run really well. Although there were actually some technical mistakes. But it’s alright. We, the commettee, sincerely say thank you very much for your coming at the night. It meant a lot for us. All we did in preparing this even is worthed now. Thank you thank you. 🙂

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36 thoughts on “PB Jogja: Care and Multiculturalism

  1. What a wonderful moment…

    I wish It will be celebrated in Palembang again…
    With New Concept. New Look and New Spirit…

    Viva Pesta Blogger

    1. iya.. ya mungkin karena karakter kotanya kali ya..dan kebetulan org2 di dalamnya jg termasuk yg kerap mengapresiasi seni dan budaya,,, hehe,,

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