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It’s Priceless to be with your Mom

1236487_10151838353403399_2123023921_nHAVE you found out what the best feeling is in your entire life? For me, YES it’s definitely something that makes my mom happy! There it is .. Having such a small family trip a few weeks ago was just incredibly awesome for me.  I took my mom along with one of my sisters to have such a small family trip in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. This is my very first time ever after having a lot of solo trips in my entire life. It’s just dramatically awesome knowing the fact that being together with your beloved family is just priceless.

As you’re aware, I have been away from home right after I graduated from high school. Living in Jogja alone for 7 years and then straight away continue living a life in Jakarta for the last 2,5 years is just adventurous for me.  This is tough… but the life must go on, honey.

Anyways, at first, we’re supposedly to have this trip in June. I already arranged everything: accommodation and air ticket both for my mom and my sister. Everything  was well organized and prepared. However, since I got invited to go to the US for the whole 2 weeks, I regretfully postponed the trip in September.

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Berkunjung ke Microsoft Singapore

YANG namanya rejeki emang gak ke mana ya. Kapanpun dan seberapa besar pun bentuknya tidak akan pernah terduga oleh siapapun. Jika Tuhan sudah berkehendak A maka jadilah A. Demikianlah yang saya yakini hingga kini. Hingga bulan ke -tujuh tahun ini, saya sudah berkeliling ke Thailand dan Turki serta telah merencanakan ke Jepang di awal September nanti. Namun lagi lagi yang namanya rejeki, Minggu lalu saya pun diterbangkan ke Singapore oleh Microsoft Indonesia bersama belasan rekan lainnya yang juga hoki!

Keberangkatan saya ke Singapore kali ini adalah buah atas kemenangan saya dalam kontes “Fast Browse & Win” yang diadakan oleh Microsoft Indonesia dan Telkom Speedy. Campaign yang digawangi oleh Plasa MSN ini dilakukan dengan menggunakan Facebook dan Twitter sebagai channel komunikasi. Dengan membagikan link download #IE9 serta menjawab kuis harian, saya menjadi salah satu dari 9 pemenang yang beruntung itu. Selain masing masing pemenang boleh membawa satu teman untuk terbang, akomodasi serta konsumsi selama dua hari di sana pun ditanggung pihak penyelenggara.  Continue reading “Berkunjung ke Microsoft Singapore”

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Wonosobo Free Tour

IT was shocking me when I knew that we, cah andong, got invited to the launching event of Wonosobo blogger community. This was not my first time actually going to Wonosobo as I ever went there last year. Something made us-especially me excited- was accommodation fully provided for free. (banana dance).

The committee told us that, beside, the main point of the event was a launching event of Serayu Blogger Community (the official name of Wonosobo Blogger Community), most of the event was traveling around the town. Enjoying Wonosobo and all the beautiful views and interesting places offered. Then hey.. we five eventually decided to be a kind of delegation of CA and be a part of that event: me, Nico Wijaya, Alle, Gunawan, dan Iphan. Although on the second day, other four members also came: Paman Tyo, mas Iman Brotoseno, mas Zam, Chiw dan Sita.

Here we go….

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Long Weekend in Bandung

WOW… What I’ve been planning since months ago eventually comes true. Yuppiii… having a long vacation in Bandung for three days was really…perfectly…completely awesome! Well, I recognize that this is like a kind of reward I give to what I did on my thesis lately…hehehehe.. Yeah.. this writing dedicated to Bimas and Mas Budi for accompanying  my days in the Kembang City. 🙂

Uhm…I finally arrived in Bandung on Friday morning while my friend, Bimas – Bandung blogger, the guy who should picked me up, was still enjoying his damn dreams. I gave him a call like more than thousands *lebay mode on* but no even an answer. He obviously made me sick by letting me alone like a lost boy in the jungle without anything I know. I used the time for looking around areas near to the station. Then after like mostly 2 hours, he gave me a call then immediately took me his home.  *Finally..fyuuuuh…* Continue reading “Long Weekend in Bandung”