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Lunch in the Old Parliament House

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The title above doesn’t replect the content of this unnecessary story..hehe.. yeah cuz yesterday i actually  went to the National Library of Australia as well. I was a little bit shame cuz i never been there since i have been living in Canberra 5 months ago :). What i saw inside the library was something amazing and interesting. Cuz they had a large number of book collections from all over the world which i could access easily and i obviously never saw. The building was located near to the Lake Burkley Griffin and it was a pretty good building as well.

The service was really nice and we were satisfying. I just got the member card in 2 minutes!! I just filled in the online form and then showed my student card, and my new library card then came out!! was same when i got my uni student card in UC at the first time.

I also read several old newspaper, the old newspaper which was published in the 17th century told me about how James Cook found the Australia continent…Wow!! It was really funtastic, wasn’t it? (huhuu..many things which i couldn’t describe…:)).  

After 3 hours, we moved to the Old Parliament House which was probably taking 10 minutes by walking. We had a nice lunch together. I ordered sandwich with red salmone (cuz that was the only food which i could eat 😦 ), and had a cup of mocca for my dessert ( was really nice on my tongue :)). Luckily, i, Alaa, and Mary were sitting near each other, so it was pretty easy to share our food.. 🙂 cuz we were the only three moslems in the class. And like usual, i prayed dzuhur on the field..hehe..




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4 thoughts on “Lunch in the Old Parliament House

  1. gak perlu malu… baru 5 bulan… gw udah hampir 28 taun hidup di indonesia, belum pernah sekalipun ke perpustakaan nasional… paling keren juga perpustakaan sekolah waktu smp doang… 😀

  2. haha..iy ya gaya amat pake malu segala..wkwk…

    bukan lbh tepatnya nyesel…krn agak “telat” nggunain salahsatu fasilitas d negara maju..hehe..

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