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Four Exams Were Done!!

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Alhamdulillah, i’ve just finished my oral presentation test (today) and also writing, grammar, and reading test (yesterday). I presented my own essay entitled “The Media Effect on the Political Issue” and focused on Obama’s campaign. It was about how the media treated Obama and how Obama used the media as well to obtain a victory.

In the begining of the presentation, i showed them a video about Obama’s speech which its demand on YouTube was higher than Porn sites…hoho..afterward, i briefly explained how the media treated the presidential candidates of Democrat Party in US, how Obama used the media, what about Clinton, and some other news which supported my thesis to them. Anyway, all those things run properly. I attracted all audiences with my body language, eye-contact, and gestures..hahaha..(narsis aja…:) ).

One thing else which happened today was Mary would leave us…it would be sad cuz there’ll be none who could cheer the class up..and..there’ll no friend who could share jokes..:) …yeah..cuz she’s really funny. I’ll miss her. Have a nice trip sist… 🙂


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