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Lecture in the Canberra Mosque

Monday, Jun 30, 208

Last night i and my friends went to the Canberra Mosque at Yaralumla by car (yes, cuz in the evening of weekend, we couldn’t catch the bus). There was a lecture given by Syeich Yusuf Estes from US regarding his experiences becoming a pastor in the past. He was really nice and great. His attendance in Canberra was a part of his Dakwah around the world (before attending here, he had been in Melbourne Uni). The way he spoke last night was really interesting, and i just knew that he used to be a christian pastor who usually gave a joke or humor sense (but still make sense) while delivering a lecture (it was different from Catholic Church), ya..a little bit like Zainudin MZ…but that was the exact method to persuade people who was non-moslem.

Amazingly, after the lecture finished about 8pm, there was an australian woman turned into moslem. And suddenly the arab guy yelled, “Allahu akbar…allahu Akbar…Allahu akbar!!” It was really impressive for me. And I just knew that in Melbourne, there were also several ‘muallaf’ who did it. Alhamdulillah. .

It was great story and it was really nice cuz we could hear and see directly the person who used to be a bible expert, even his family ( i mean all members of his family were pastors, and now they are moslems). And, it was like new trend in US, he said, there was a big movement of people who turned into moslems, cuz they learnt and studied about Islam by reading Koran.

I then remember one of my friends who also turned into moslem after a long time-searching of his God. I envy with the people like this because they have a strong faith and keep their iman with care. Hopefully, i’ll be like that as well. Amin.


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9 thoughts on “Lecture in the Canberra Mosque

  1. @ Indah

    Tapi tidak selamanya kegiatan mencari Tuhan berujung pada pencarian kebaikan, tapi bagi mereka yang selalu mencari keberan, mereka akan menemukan Tuhan disana : D peace

    Mas Fickry, saya pernah berkesimpulan beberapa saat setelah tragedi 11/9, dunia akan berbalilk untuk mempelajari Islam (agama yang oleh media terkadang di katakan agama barbarian, meski tidak semua media), saya cenderung beranggapan kalau masyarakat Eropa lebih intelek dari orang TImur dalam hal ini kemauan untuk mencari bukti kebenaran dengan membaca dan menelaah topik yang sedang bergejolak.

    Paradigma dunia yang mengatakan Islam agama teroris, kejam dan brutal, menjadi alasan bagi masyarakat untuk mengkaji lebih dalam tentang apa itu islam, baik lewat literatur atau media lainnya.

    Hampir bisa di pastikan, kalau ternyata dari semua hasil analisa, islam bukan seperti yang di isukan oleh media.

    Maaf Mas kepanjangan 😀

    Ceritanya menarik, saya jadi kepingin lihat langsung fenomena seperti itu.

  2. @ Indah

    Tapi tidak selamanya kegiatan mencari Tuhan berujung pada pencarian kebaikan, tapi bagi mereka yang selalu mencari keberan, mereka akan menemukan Tuhan disana : D peace

    ehem,,, saya ga nulis “berujung pada pencarian kebaikan” tuh..
    peace ^-^

  3. you’re so lucky to meet Syeich Yusuf Estes, im wondering if he’s gonna come to visit jakarta …

    hey, thx for the link, im gonna link u back later, belum sempet bikin blogrol euy,,,hehe

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