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20 Weeks Ago

Friday, July 4, 2008

Alhamdulillah. I just said that when i was receiving my certificate of my intensive english course at the University of Canberra. It was really funtastic that i could pass many things in the class with the good result. I graduated from that 20-week course!! *Thanx to Allah :)*

My name was mentioned by Alison Davies (the director of UCELI-UC) when She was standing on the stage and delivering a speech. Hohoho… As the Peace Scholar, i proudly represented Indonesian student in this program (The Peace Scholarship Program 2008). We could share many things such as cultures, languages, and values with 9 different countries.

When the program was taking place, suddenly, Roger came to us. Wow!! It was really nice, because we never saw him for more than three months (yeah, Roger used to be our first teacher before Megan, and he told me that he was going to Darwin and Perth for last holiday). In the last session, we, students of EAP Purple Class, performed a rock and roll dance (Dancing in the Street by Mc. Zagger and David Bowie). was awesome!! Everybody waggled and shook themselves..gegegge 😛 🙂 :8

And now, i just wanna spend my last three weeks for working and enjoying Canberra (*oh GOsshhh Winter, mate!! what will i enjoy?? 😦 ). Hopefully, everything would run well.


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7 thoughts on “20 Weeks Ago

  1. peRtamaXx..

    jaaahhh komeng dak penting!

    mabruk ya fikri!!
    suatu usaha menjadikan indonesia lebih maju dan bermartabat.
    Semoga aku juga bisa melakukan yang terbaik!

  2. Selamat.. ki….
    Hmm lega rasanya…. tampaknya ada yang akan memegang amanah sebagai akademisi diantara teman2 JMF.. 🙂

    berita duka :
    Mbak isbandiyah semalam meninggal dunia…..

  3. Proficiat, bro! Ntar kalo dah balek jangan lupa tularkan ilmu nginggrismu kepada teman2 di SB yak… (tapi tanpa aksen OZ-nya loh… :mrgreen: )
    What will u enjoy during your last three weeks? I suggest u to take pictures of Canberra, as many as u can, kalo perlu sampe mata kelilipan… 😀

  4. @ indah
    hallaaaaaaa…..ngejang tulah bik mimin sikok ini..wkwkwk

    amiinn..doake kando ye..hehehe..
    i’m thinking of it..really..

    @permatamerah putih
    ah..itu past mbk no..hoho…keep narcism 😛

    makan apo drus..makan ati? hahaha.. 🙂

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