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Lost in Turner

Monday, July 7, 2008

Regarding my rent flat peiod will end this week, yesterday i asked Windu to help me transporting my stuff to Pak Amin’s Flat in Turner. However, before we drove our car toward Pak Amin’s Flat, we went to O’Malley first for taking some pictures of the Atase of Education’s house (cuz Windu was asked to take those pictures for Indonesian Embassy). Then we entered the big house like stealer…the house was really big and it scared us cuz nobody was there for long time.

Anyway, the house was like a ghost house. Every single room was empty and looked tidy..but still, it scared us much. We took some pictures of every stuff which we thought important and valuable such as electronical things, pool (is it valuable? ๐Ÿ™‚ ), garden, kitchen stuff, and art-stuff. Afterward we then went to my apartement at Currong, Braddon, at about 5pm.

All stuffs were lifted and then transported to Turner. Windu drove his car like usual at the first 5 minutes. And after that, my stupidness came out while Windu was driving. I forgot the location of the Flat..oh my God!..and then i hardly remembered the location..we went around for 30 minutes..and it was useless. I was really like a twit in the car and did nothing…

And then i tried to do sumthin’, “Ndu..does ur cellphone have credit? i’m gonna contact mas Fauzan and ask him bout the complete address.” (gubraaakk!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ malu bgt..udah minta dianterin pindahan, minta pulsa lagi, wah parah gw, sorry ndu..wkwk ๐Ÿ™‚ … *sialnya pulsa gw tepat habis masa aktifnya tadi pagi..sementara seharian packing dan gak sempet isi ulang..gegegegege*). And then he said, “no worries mate, just use it quickly, cuz its battery is low.” (his voice had changed, not more friendly…wkwkk..).

I immediately called mas Fauzan and he said, “It’s on Condamine Street…from Northbourne, turn left, and then turn right, the house is on the corner of that street.”

Then we looked for that address for more than 30 minutes (again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ). For making sure, i contacted mas Lukman again (cuz before he couldn’t be contacted), and (*thanx GOd*) he answered, “well, i’ll send sms then.”

The message came out, “No.5 Building 48, Forber Street, Turner.” And we were like, “%^#$^%#^%$#&#$%^&$^%&&#&$%^&”

Oh my God… “what the…*****”

Ya setelah itu gak nyampe lima menit kita sampe ke lokasi. Ughhhh… Sorry ndu…i was really like a twit..anyway, thanx for accompanying me last night. *jangan kapok yak..ggegege..ntar gw temenin deh bikin filmnya.., hallaaaa…*. Thanx sob.


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