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After 3 days i was offline and far away from my lovely blog (*horeeee :P), and then i’m cominggggg!!! I really miss u guys..i’m so sorry for postphoning reply ur comments. *hehehe..ampyunn* Now, i’m gonna tell you what i experienced on last two days.

Regarding graduation of Indonesian students at UC and ANU on this semester (including me, off course!!), many of us sent some stuffs and goods to Indonesia (Jakarta, Jogja, and Malang: these three destinations actually consisted of many more destinitions such as Aceh, Sulawesi, Semarang, etc — just for making it easier to organize).

Well, it looked so good in preparing many things such as coding, packaging, labelling, etc. All participants in this process just followed what commitee wanted (the committe was also Indonesian student). Like last year, we used MTC to send those stuffs to our hometown. We believed them as well as last year. But…yesteday, the horrible things began….

At first (on Friday), MTC said that they would arrive at Toad Hall (a place where the stuffes were collected) at 10 pm, but it was only for the stuffs sent to Jakarta, so Malang and Jogja would be canceled. But, at 3 pm, MTC said that all stuffs including Jogja and Malang could be sent on the day. Hearing this info, so i and my friends who wanted to send stuffs came to Toad Hall with those stuffs. Oh yeah, MTC said that they would arrive at 6 pm. *we were still waiting for it*

At 9 pm, we were still waiting with those heavy stuffs. At 10 pm, still….

At 11 pm, MTC arrived…but what was next?? MTC just used the small car which was not obviously enough for picking all stuffs!! Gosh!!! *all people looked angry..(ya iyalaaahh…). So, that night, the car just picked all stuffs which would be sent to Jakarta. while malang and Jogja were canceled anymore.

And on Saturday morning, it was our turn to send the stuffs (for Jogja and Malang). Well, we looked really happy for one day. Cuz on Sunday at 13.30 pm, we got info from MTC that the car which picked stuffs to Jogja and Malang got accident!!! The car felt down and burnt on highway in route Canberra-Sydney (before the stuffs were moved to Aircraft)! *Oh My God!! we were really shocked!!

There were several stuffs which were also burnt (and we didn’t know whose stuffs that were). And till now, we just pray that everything runs well….hopefully!! Oh My God!!!


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7 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. *Bahasa Inggeris euy, ga ngarti…*
    What a waste!
    Hope you’ll get a happy ending.
    *bener ga nih inggeris gw*

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