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UC Farewell and Welcoming Party

Friday, July 18, 2008

Regarding student graduation of University of Canberra (UC), UCISS (University of Canberra Indonesian Student Society) held a farewell party at International House Hall on last Monday (13/07). There were 9 students who had graduated and  several new students who would begin studying at UC.

In this party, The Ambassador of Indonesia was represented by spokesperson, Dino Kusnadi, gave a piece of advice to the students who would go back to Indonesia in order to apply properly what they had obtained here. Besides that, president of UCISS 2007-2008, Fauzan, who had graduated from Faculty of Social Science majoring Public Administration was also changed by new president, Ismail Sulaiman, who studied at Department of Communication and International Studies.

At the end of the party, there were some Indonesian food provided. This was the thing which was waited for long time by the students..hehehe..(hallaaa..  straight news kok malah ngomens..wkwkwk 🙂 ). *mode ERROR on*


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4 thoughts on “UC Farewell and Welcoming Party

  1. @itikkecil
    mmm..makan rendang..hahaha..
    kue ..(kue apo ye..lupo namonyo..hehe)..
    pokoknyo serulah….jadi kangennnnn… 🙂

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