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Angelina Jolie, Kate Holmes, and Nicole Kidman

Monday, Juli 21, 2008

Hang on… the title above doesn’t reflect what i will write then. I’m not infotainment journalist or paparazzi who always becomes celebrities’ shadow. *cuz i’m the celebrity itself, hallaa…. 🙂 *

Well, what i’m gonna tell you is the headline of the magazines which i and most Australian people read is always same topic all of the time (i mean those infotainment magazines). Since the first time i arrived and till now, there have been three big names which always been exposed by those magazines. They are Angelina Jolie with her children (Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and the latest birth the twin: Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline), Kate Holmes with her hubby Tom Cruise and daughter Suri, and the golden star Nicole Kidman with her husband Keith Urban.

Those actresses are like main source which never end to discuss. In the same week, most infotainment magazines such as Women Weekly, WHO, People, which has different genre, expose them with the crazy same thing, the angle of the news is all around that even the angle of the pictures..always and always..

Yes, it is what George Gerbner said in his Cultivation theory which said that the media like those magazines create a homogeneous in audiences’ mind. What the media said is what most people think, it was what Mc.Comb said as Agenda Setting Theory.. ugh….


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8 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie, Kate Holmes, and Nicole Kidman

  1. seems like you know a lot about the celebs and their children, too…i guess you’ve been reading the magazines also…

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