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Jogja and Loneliness

I’ve been fasting for 30 days here, in Jogja, and also for the first time since i’ve been living here in 2004. Enjoying Jogja and living in a big dormitory makes me think of something beautiful in my life. This is an exact time for contemplation and think beyond what will happen then, even at the same time i really miss my big family and friends in Palembang. And this Idul Fitri also will be my first Lebaran without my mom, sisters, and brothers. You can imagine how crowded will be in your house if u can be with 4 brothers and four sisters? It must be awesome and joyful.

I know this is my choice. And i obviously know the consequent. But loneliness doesn’t mean sadness, does it? And i’m now learning how to enjoy it and make it cheerful. By accessing the internet and blogwalking everyday, it would be worthed to change those things…hahaha…it’s like apology, huh…

Anyway, Met Ied Mubarak for you guys….wish we’ll get the next ramadhan. Minal Aidin Walfaidzin. Let bye gone be bye gone. 🙂


He calls himself a simple social butterfly as he frequently engages in social media such as blogs and micro blogging. Indonesian living in Singapore.

9 thoughts on “Jogja and Loneliness

  1. Wewleh2.. You’re right, loneliness not always means sadness, nikmati aj kie.. Smuany kan trasa indah bg org yg mudah brsyukur dgn ap ap yg ad.. Keep fighting n keep blogwalking, huhuhaha.. :mrgreen:

  2. fikri,,sahabatku yang baik,,,,

    yupzzz,,kesendirian emang bukan berarti kesedihan,,,
    kan,,saat-saat yang paling gak enak dalam kesendirian bukan saat kita lagii sedihh gak ada tmen buat berbagi kesedihan,,,tapii saat kita senang,,gak ada tmen buat berbagi kesenangan,,,hahaha,,,kayakk kata2 di filmm apa gituu yahh???


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