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Big Disaster


I did not know how to react when the news came to me then suddenly ruined what i had built about him. I went fucking crazy when i knew who actually he was…

The world broke in a second…stagnan for a moment.

It was too hard to understand. He was like a monster. More than it. Did he have God?

I have been like a stupid friend for more than 4 years. Terrible.


He calls himself a simple social butterfly as he frequently engages in social media such as blogs and micro blogging. Indonesian living in Singapore.

14 thoughts on “Big Disaster

  1. Wah pernah baca juga tuh lupa blogger siapa yah yg senasib.
    Kalau begitu, baca aja blognya jeunglala yg tulisan And I thank you…

  2. @afwan auliyar
    bacanya bawa kamus ya :p

    @tovic rajarja
    so so 😦

    @Mang kumlod
    mana linknya mang?

    iya men..hihi..

    podo wae je..gegegege

    mentang2 ada monsternya hehe

    yes, it was..

    he is ur friend as well

    uhm..bisa bisa…kyk lirik lagu juga ya..huehehe

    ngapo mang..nak bantu nggocoi apo?? wkwk

    no cigarette while surfing on my site please.. :p

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