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Yes, I’m in Holland!

552654_10152164400368399_274824161_nTHE terrible winter was welcoming me when I arrived at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, last Sunday. It took about 18-hour flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam. A little bit drama occurred shortly before our aircraft take off due to hard rain in Jakarta. And off course, it caused an hour delay in Cengkareng and we were like zombie in the aircraft while waiting for the best time to fly.

But then it was just fine. Garuda aircraft with flight number GA 088 took me to Holland flawlessly. I just had transit in Abu Dhabi for about an hour. It’s nothing. I didn’t even move my ass, really.

Anyway, this post will not be long. I was just trying to say that I successfully landed in The Netherlands. I’ve been waiting for this moment since 4 years ago. More than 10 scholarship applications have been rejected every year! And I don’t have any hurt-feeling anymore since then. I just keep trying and keep it on.


I drew a campus building, an apartment, and gold as investment in 2012 as my dreams.


In 2012, I drew my dreams on this piece of paper. It was when I participated in one of Rotaract’s activities in Bogor. We were asked to picture our wishes and dreams. One of the dreams that I put on was studying here in Amsterdam. Today, God has answered my prayer. He is extremely nice. Once you keep your faith in Him, you’ll know that He’s always there to pick your wishes up. So Fikri, welcome to Holland!


1601405_10152169358263399_1211412022_n (1)
We used “tongsis” in the train while people were laughing at us. Yes, selfie asians =))


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