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Yes, I’m in Holland!

552654_10152164400368399_274824161_nTHE terrible winter was welcoming me when I arrived at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, last Sunday. It took about 18-hour flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam. A little bit drama occurred shortly before our aircraft take off due to hard rain in Jakarta. And off course, it caused an hour delay in Cengkareng and we were like zombie in the aircraft while waiting for the best time to fly. Continue reading “Yes, I’m in Holland!”

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LPDP Scholarship Awardee Batch VI

2SO.. I was away for about 12 days due to leadership training conducted by the Ministry of Finance between 2 to 12 October. The training was conducted at three different venues: Gumati Hotel and Resort, Salak Mountain, and TNI AU camp (Halim Perdanakusuma Airport). What happened? Yes dude, I was just awarded with the LPDP (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan – Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education) Scholarship which is managed by the LPDP.  I’ll tell you in more details about the scholarship later ya :p

We got a lot  of trainings and classes related to the leadership theories and practices. Well, although I have joined many kind of leadership trainings and experienced leader role, I found that this training was more special than the previous ones. Why? It’s simply because the participants were all awardee candidates that were very smart and professionals. So i felt so blessed! Some of them will go to study master and doctor at Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Harvard, and any other top universities around the Globe! I felt goosebump! Maaaaan…

So… here it is the video of our 12 days! Continue reading “LPDP Scholarship Awardee Batch VI”

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Pinjaman Dana Pendidikan Sampoerna Academy

SADUA minggu belakangan tulisan berjudul “Jebakan Bantuan Pendidikan Sampoerna Academy” yang dimuat di artikel Kompasiana kerap mewarnai timeline twitter saya. Mengetahui saya bekerja di lembaga yang mengelola sekolah berstandar internasional setingkat SMA itu, serta-merta teman-teman saya memenuhi tab mention di linimasa. Alih-alih kecewa, saya justru bahagia mengingat banyaknya teman yang merespon (dengan berbagai intonasi). Setidaknya ini merupakan bentuk kepedulian kita terhadap kualitas pendidikan bangsa, bukan?

Menanggapi isu ini, Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) justru mencoba menyelesaikan masalah ini secara pribadi langsung ke penulis yang bersangkutan. Namun gayung pun tak bersambut. Penulis artikel tersebut tidak merespon private message yang dilayangkan PSF ke inbox akun Kompasiana miliknya. Terlepas dari terminologi “jebakan” yang dimaksud, saya sebagai bagian dari institusi besar ini sedikit ingin mengupas tentang filosofi skema program bantuan pendidikan Sampoerna Academy.

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The Resolutions

MY first day in this new year was started by something silly and guilty. I woke up late! Missing Shubuh made me sick and guilty. Even I usually do it mostly every morning. So it was kind of legitimation. LOL.


Happy New Year bro and sisters!! Wish all the best come true in this lovely year. Like the previous years, in the beginning of the year I usually write my resolution for the things I wish. But before we go to my 2010 resolutions, let’s have a look my resolutions in 2009.

1. Graduated in 2009: I did! I graduated in May 2009 with GPA 3,57. 😀

2. Affording my mom’s cost to make Hajj next year: Alhamdulillah! This was my ambition since I was kid. I successfully made it come true. Big thanx, God!

3. Joining in Pesta Blogger 2009: Hahaaayy.. this was the one I had been waiting for so long. And I eventually joined as well in the third Pesta Blogger held in Jakarta. It was awesome. Really. Continue reading “The Resolutions”

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Let’s Go to Australia for Free

HI bloggers and plurkers wherever you are, the program i joined last year opened again. The program named “The Peace Scholarship Program 2009” for semester 2. The program is full scholarship which can afford everything you need for living in Aussie. Here is the info you might need. If you have any further question, just leave comment on this page.

Don’t forget, the APPLICATION deadline is March 15th, 2009.

Just read the information below. Good luck buddy!!


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