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Let’s Go to Australia for Free

HI bloggers and plurkers wherever you are, the program i joined last year opened again. The program named “The Peace Scholarship Program 2009” for semester 2. The program is full scholarship which can afford everything you need for living in Aussie. Here is the info you might need. If you have any further question, just leave comment on this page.

Don’t forget, the APPLICATION deadline is March 15th, 2009.

Just read the information below. Good luck buddy!!



The Peace Scholarship Program for undergraduate students from Indonesia includes:

– Tuition fees for study abroad for one semester at selected Australian universities

– AU$2500 (maximum) to cover Student Visa, Overseas Student Health Cover and return airfare expenses (any more than this is the responsibility of the recipient)

– AU$6000 (maximum) to cover living and accommodation expenses whilst in Australia (approximately $300 per week depending on start and finish dates)

– Lifetime networking opportunities with Peace Scholarship recipients from countries all over the world

Students who meet all the eligibility criteria outlined below and who are studying at accredited universities in Indonesia are invited to apply for the Peace Scholarship to commence study at one of Australia’s universities in July 2009 for six months.

How to Apply

STEP 1:          

Ensure you fulfil each of the selection criteria as detailed below:

– At the time of application you have completed at least three and no more than six semesters of your first full-time undergraduate degree of an accredited course at a university in Indonesia

– You have achieved a grade point average of 7.5/10 (or equivalent) in your degree to date

– You can fulfil the requirements for English language proficiency – minimum 6.0 IELTS overall and minimum in each category (depending on the requirements of the host university).

– You can preferably gain credit transfer for your study abroad program in Australia for your degree at your home institution

– You do not hold citizenship or permanent residency in Australia and have not previously studied overseas, either in Australia or elsewhere, unless on a scholarship

– You are able to demonstrate a commitment to ‘global peace and understanding’ through community, academic or professional achievements

– You are able to indicate how the experience will further your professional development and help contribute to global peace and understanding

– You are able to demonstrate a financial need and that without this scholarship you would not have the chance to study overseas


The following materials must be received by IDP Indonesia by March 15th 2009.

– Completed, printed and signed Application Form (note application form must be typed and in English, handwritten applications will not be accepted)

– Completed, printed and signed Agreement of Award Terms and Conditions

– Certified true copy of current passport or official government identification card

– Certified and English translated true copy of official academic transcript, including current year grades and explanation of grading system

– Original and current certificate of either:

*International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test results

*Computer Based TOEFL

*Paperbased TOEFL

*Internet Based TOEFL

note: Institutional TOEFL will not be accepted)

Two References/Testimonials in English

*One reference/testimonial from home institution (Dean or higher). This reference/testimonial must follow the format outlined on the Home Institution Reference Form and address the criteria requested

*One reference/testimonial from someone you have worked with on a particular community service project that you talk about in your application (preferably your supervisor), or from someone who can honestly discuss your involvement in community based activities and projects and who has known you for more than 2 years. This reference/testimonial must follow the format outlined on the Community Leader Reference Form and address the criteria requested.

Note: References cannot be submitted from a person to whom you are related and references from any political party will not be accepted.

Your application will not be assessed if you do not fulfil all the selection criteria OR if you do not submit all the required materials

Please submit all the materials above to:

Rachmi Sjafei (Ms.)

Senior Project Officer / IELTS Administrator ID017

IDP Education Pty Ltd – South Jakarta Office

Jl Terusan Gedung Hijau 1 Kav. 9 01 E

Komp.RUKO Fitria Pondok Indah

Jakarta Selatan – 12310 INDONESIA
Phone:+62 21 750 3552/2660
Fax:+62 21 769 4846

No late applications will be accepted.

Selection Procedure

All applications must be received by IDP Indonesia by March 15th 2009..

All applications received will be sent to IDP Education Australia and the Peace Scholarship Program in Australia for final selection. Once applications are selected, they will be sent to the participating universities for placement.

Final award of the Peace Scholarship is subject to acceptance into the study abroad program at the selected institution as well as receipt of the appropriate visa to study in Australia.

Contact Information

For more information regarding the 2009 Peace Scholarship Program please contact the Peace Scholarship Program representative in Indonesia at

Alternatively you can email your questions and comments to

Don’t forget, the APPLICATION deadline is March 15th, 2009.


He calls himself a simple social butterfly as he frequently engages in social media such as blogs and micro blogging. Indonesian living in Singapore.

45 thoughts on “Let’s Go to Australia for Free

  1. hehehe..katanya sih kan maksimal tahun ketiga. saya kmrn apply pas semester 7.. alhamdulillah keterima.
    Asal kualifikasi kita mumpuni, ya kupikir gak ada salahnya coba-coba. :p

  2. ayooooo semuanya daftar! you’re going to LOVE this scholarship! daaaan… dapet banyaaak temen! ya nggak, ki? (walaupun taun lalu gue ada di ujung kiri oz sementara lo di ujungkanan oz… hyahahahaha)

  3. @illaputri
    lah itu di atas info cara buat apply nya..ada formulisnya..dan requirement yg diinginkan…dipenuhi saja kulaifikasi itu la..semangat!!

    iya e dan..aku juga kangen oz nih…hahhaa..moga2 S2 bs kembali…

    uhmm..ehem….btw ada loh beasiswa S2 nya..

    @Edi Psw
    hahhaa..dari Jakarta dulu mas..

    sami sami… :p

  4. @zamroni

    monggo aja,,,

    @rian xavier
    monggo dicoba kang..seru bgt bakalan,,,,

    sita gak boleeeeeeeeeeehhh!!! *nyodorin skripsi*

    huehee…tengkyu bro…berbagi itu nikmat…layaknya memberi..

  5. @lola
    wow..kereeeeeeennn *sambil ngaca*

    kamu kan semester ssepuluh..aku semester sembilan je..kan satu semester kmrn cuti..
    jd aku lebih cerdas dong.. :p (lol)

  6. @menik
    huahahaha..bunda menik…buat juniornya lah

    S2 kalo thn kmrn ada mbk..

    huahaha… sik mbk..tak golek i yo…

  7. Wow, this blog is owned by a dilligent person. i wanna be your friend. Could i? Your Curriculum Vitae’s show that you are a lucky person. GBU

  8. @bikpici
    lah bener pulok..huehehe

    for sure…

    ouw.. dunno worry mate..there’s still another choice

    ndak apa2 je…ato pake IELTS aja bro..lebih gampang loh.. klo menurutku..

  9. @Gun
    kyu kyu kyu..suskes nggun

    haha.konsekuensinya otak kudu ngimbangin bro :p

    so sorry..pantengin blog gw terus aje ye..hehehhe

  10. I’m still a collegian,but the case i am running in 6th semester. and also could i catch the fresh application for next time / year that has been left out? how is the way 2 overcome them?

  11. @fachri
    haha..makanya sering2 berkunjung..wkwkw *dipentung*

    ehmmm…how??? ya..just take attention of updating info mate,,,,

    slam kenal juga bang,,,,,

  12. Hello guy,it’s first time for me sharing with you through online. Oh yeah, actually i want 2 ask you of this impressive program that am i able to catch this program has been left out. so, will i be able to get the next chance foe next time. And also, i take a college my university in 6th semester, but based on the requirements it’s limited untill 6th semester. I do hope your answer of this question. well,it’s everything i can comment you. okay, see u next time by awaitting your answer

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